Our Objective

Objectives of Nadia Social Welfare and Rural Development Trust & Kazi Nazrul Islam B.Ed College

  • To establish start, run and maintain or manage Education Institutions, Schools, Colleges, Professional Colleges, Technical and non-technical Institutions and Teacher Educational Institution of all kind with/without hostel and/or boarding facility.
  • To establish, start, run and maintain or manage Teacher Education Institutions approved under the NCTE Act, 1993.
  • To establish, start, run and maintain or manage Libraries, Information, Social Service Centres, and Training Centre’s, Vocational/Skill Training Centre’s, Computer Centre’s and allied Education Institutions.
  • To establish, start, run and maintain or manage Cultural and Social Institutions.
  • To establish Schools for (i) Study and Orientation (ii) Training and instruction, and (iii) Research and Evaluation and such others as may be necessary to achieve the objects of the Trust.
  • To publish or cause to publish literature paper books, Magazines, E-Books etc for the benefits of the Common people.
  • To undertake propaganda, Training and Education of the masses either of its own or in Co-operation with similar Agencies working for the cause of all round Development of the Trust.
  • To establish start, run and maintain or manage Programs and Centre’s for Employment of the Trust.
  • To offer, scholarships, prizes and stipends for the poor and needy student.
  • To establish research and training centre’s for the furtherance of education/learning in its various fields and branches.
  • To work towards establishing linkages between economic betterment and social empowerment for sustainable development of the Community.
  • To conducts charitable services for needy people.
  • To undertake and assist in the organization of training and study courses, conferences, seminars and lecturers and to adopt village in the State for the purpose.
  • To arrange and organize lecturer, debates, panel discussion, seminars and excursion tour for different topic for the knowledge and for benefits of the Common People.
  • To spread for promotion of education and learning in all branches more specifically in Science and Technology.
  • Impart education of the highest standard through value based holistic teaching and learning by integrating traditional and innovative practices.
  • Create a platform for students for exploring their creative potential and nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship and critical thinking
  • Inculcate a strong belief in hard work and core values of gender equality, human rights and ecology in order to make them socially responsible citizens.
  • Equip students with the skills needed to adapt better to the changing global scenario and gain access to multiple career opportunities.
  • Provide inclusive education by making it accessible to all sections of society. To maintain and promote quality, transparency, compliance and sustainability in governance.