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Education should concern itself with the total person in society.Welcome to the Kazi Nazrul Islam B.Ed College, Vill-Armia, PO-Noapara, P.S-Dhubulia, Dist-Nadia, Pin-741140 over the 04(Four) years the college has given a wonderful opportunity to acquire a B.Ed & D.El.Ed degree here in Kazi Nazrul Islam B.Ed College. I am the proud Principal of this wonderful college that has a supportive and collegial community which aims to nurture the education, personal, social and cultural growth of its members.

Set in an attractive, semi rural environment, the college has some superb facilities. We also have a caring, friendly community and offer a Varity of curricular and co-curricular experiences that contribute to the well-rounded development of young people.

At the heart of our college is with the attitude to create right achievement which we continually endeavour to make part of our ethos. As pioneers in education, we have had our activities constantly monitored to ensure that the best academic standards are maintained, we have established a reputation as such and well continue to maintain it.We aim to continue providing our students with sufficient skills, knowledge and attitude to meet the challenges of the society. In this respect, besides academic activities.

We thank you for choosing Kazi Nazrul Islam B.Ed College, to pursue your educational goals here, you will meet assiduous students a conscientious and kind staff, and a committed proprietor in a spacious and very conductive environment for quality education. While here, you will be expected to meet high quality standards for academic success that are truly our main benchmark for effective and quality learning.

We take pride in our diversity that enables our students to learn and appreciate variety of cultures right here on campus and thus opens and broadens their young minds. This, we are sure, will inevitably promote understanding and tolerance, Our students are at heart of everything we do and we offer high quality learning in a safe friendly and supportive environment. Quality education enables learners to reach their true potentials. That is why we emphasize a holistic training of students. We make them grow well physically, morally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

I also thanks to the Managing Committee of Nadia Social Welfare and Rural Development Trust for established this type of College in the rural area.

Dr. Pranab Kumar Roy
Kazi Nazrul Islam B.Ed College
Mobile No. 9647022482/9476395416